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Learn about New Zealand wines and wineries from people who work and breath wine; the winemaker, the winery owner, winery representatives, and other wine aficionados. During the monthly tastings compare the wines on offer with those you’ve had on your travels and share your experiences with wines, places and people you have met along the way.

Our meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting about 7:45 pm and typically cover a range of 6 – 8 wines of a particular brand, range, region or varietal. These are brought to us by knowledgeable people passionate about the wines. During this time we strongly encourage members to participate and discuss the wines tasted, compare notes, and judge the wines for yourselves.

As part of the club experience, you get to purchase the wines tasted on the night which is often discounted just for us.

We also have some social events during the year including two dinners (mid-winter and Christmas), a barbeque in January and the AGM in May.

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  • Wed


    7:45 - 9:45 pm

    Venue: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall, 30 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037 - Directions
    Cost: $0.00

    Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held at
    The Johnsonville Community Centre, 
    Wednesday, 10 May 2017, commencing at 8 pm


    1. Apologies
    2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the year 2015/16 held on Wednesday, 11th May 2016
    3. Matters Arising
    4. Financial Report for the Year 2016/17
    5. Membership Report for the Year 2016/17
    6. President’s Report for the Year 2016/17
    7. Notices of Motion: Proposed Rules Changes

      Resolution 1
      That the existing rule 2[b] be amended to read:
      All monies received shall be banked in the name of the Club in a suitable bank account with a registered bank in New Zealand.
      Resolution 2
      That the existing rule 2[i] be replaced by:
      To invest, lend and deal with the moneys of the Club not immediately required upon Securities with at least an AA credit ranking as the Club may think fit. 
      Resolution 3
      That the existing rule 5 be replaced by:
      The Signatories of the Club's Bank Accounts shall be the Honorary Treasurer and a minimum of two other members of the Committee.  Electronic Payments to be authorised and Cheques to be signed by any two of the Signatories.

      Moved by Wayne Kennedy, Seconded by Richard Taylor

      Rationale for rule changes
      The change to rule 2[b] is simply to add clarity and provide security by stipulating that the bank account must be “with a registered bank in New Zealand”. 

      The other two changes are required because the current rules of the club make reference to the appointment of Trustees and with investing in Trustee Securities. This terminology implies the existence of a Trust Deed outlining the duties, office and powers of the trustees, as well as a set of processes around their appointment, retirement and removal. In fact, there is no Trust Deed for the club and the use of “Trustee” in our rules harks back to language and use which differs to that in vogue today. The above resolutions are intended to remove any confusion or misunderstanding that the previous terminology might cause.

    8. Election of Officers and Committee for the year 2017/18:
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Committee
    9. Subscriptions
    10. General Business

    At the conclusion of the AGM, supper will be served, 
    accompanied by wines from the Club’s cellar

  • Wed

    Cellar Club committee meeting

    7:30 - 10:00 pm

    If you have anything you wish the committee discuss on your behalf, please contact the committee who will gladly help you out.

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Membership as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Read our Membership rules
  2. Complete the online membership form or download and complete the print form and bring with you to our next tasting
  3. Join us at our next event.

Try before you buy

We encourage you to join us as a guest including paying the guest price for events before you join. So feel free to attend one or two events to make sure. After that sign-up and well you’ll receive all the benefits of membership.

Cost to members

We try to keep the cost to members as affordable as possible. Our subscriptions are $25/year, and our door charge is between $10 to $20 each event, depending on the support offered by the presenters, covers the cost of wines we are tasting on the night, light supper, room hire & presenter gifts.



If you have questions, photos, stories – humorous or a recent experience, like to suggest a club night theme or present your wines, really anything, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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