What age can do for wine – in September 2017

What happens when you unearth some older wines? We are arranging a September meeting with a difference.

1986 Matua Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – drinking now or past it? You decide.

Have you ever wondered what age can do to wine? Many of you may remember the late Richard Gooch. He presented to the club several times and last year, his wife Linda donated some of Richard’s older wines to the club for us to use as a learning experience. The oldest ones date back to the early 1970’s. More about the wines next month but it includes a mystery wine for us
to determine what it is and we will have Cuisine wine writer John Saker on hand to help us assess their quality.

Some wines may be past their best, others may be superb. Who knows. But this will be a great learning experience for anyone wondering what age can do to wines that are left to languish forgotten at the back of our cellars.

But a word of warning. This tasting will be closed to just members and we will likely need to limit it to 36. So once this month’s tasting is out of the way we will ask you to register your attendance.

Check out the event details.

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